Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Analysis of the GOP presidential debate, with perhaps the best line coming from Peggy Noonan: “Mr. Obama cannot win in 2012, but the Republicans can lose.”

“Yikes!” is the official response from The Weekly Standard.

Here and here we learn this was not a great night for Rick Perry.

Here too, where Rich Lowry calls it for Mitt Romney. But by earning the award for “Worst Answer of the Night” Romney shows that he still has to do better (if he can) on explaining the health care policies he enacted in Massachusetts.

Some think Michele Bachmann’s “star continues to fizzle,” while others think Rick Santorum put in a good performance.

Herman Cain is getting good reviews, while Jon Huntsman is "still playing catch-up."

Not too much being said about the other candidates – comments are open if you want to give your take on the GOP presidential debates so far.

And after three of these debates, which candidates do you think have turned in the best performances overall? Give your opinion today in our Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile the economy continues to send a clear message: We have to defeat Obama in 2012.

Turns out the Obama Administration’s latest plan for economic growth has already been tried and – like most of Obama’s ideas – it failed.Link

And big surprise – this time around, the “twist” idea still doesn’t seem to be working.

Another not surprising turn of events – the Democrats are yet again threatening to shut down the government rather than spend just a little bit less of the taxpayers’ money.

And no surprise here: Another Democrats lets loose with left-wing class warfare, and the liberals are thrilled.

Thankfully The Weekly Standard has a reality check.

Have a great weekend?

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  1. What's particularly frustrating is that the media and some of the pundits act as though this debate is only between Romney and Perry. I think that Herman Cain and Rick Santorum gave very strong performances last Thursday. Why do we need to draft Chris Christie all of the sudden? Why do the RNC and the "big money Republicans" (whoever they are) completely ignore solid Conservatives like Herman Cain? Cain's message seems to have resonated with the people of Florida and it has certainly resonated with me. I just mailed a check to "Friends of Herman Cain" to help him win the Republican nomination. I hope more folks do the same.