Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

How is the Obama Administration celebrating Labor Day this year?

By supporting Canadian workers and redefining “American made.”

By imposing costly new regulations on businesses – regulations that will stunt growth and lead to fewer jobs.

By preparing yet another speech on jobs – as though our economy can be talked into shape.

(And Obama’s been talking us out of our minds about jobs and the economy, as we see from this report.)

And of course by enjoying the blind devotion of his friends in Hollywood.

Which of Barack Obama’s liberal policies do you think cause the most harm to working families? Vote today – for as many as you like – on our new Weekly Poll.

Not a very happy Labor Day for employees of this company – or for all of us taxpayers who are on the hook for this failed “wave of the future.” Is it a surprise that this company – which was given special easy access to taxpayer-backed loans – had the support of a big-money donor to President Obama?

Who will get this job? The NY Daily News supports Turner!

Democrat David Weprin seems to think Obama might do for his campaign what the President has done for companies like Solyndra – put them out of business.

And it seems like Democrats across the country have the same concern.

Have a great weekend!

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