Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Geithner defends $200,000 of our tax dollars per job. His arrogance is mind boggling.

Liberals/Progressives portray a certain zeal for trying to make conservatives look heartless and willing to let people suffer. The time for ending the melodramatics is now. Sen. Reid contributes to the rhetoric with distortions to entice the media then passes yet another stop-gap measure.

The Heritage Foundation sounds off on the debt ceiling law.

Raquel Okyay with more on Fast and Furious.

The WSJ wants Mr. Buffett to show Americans why he pays so little.

How Germany reduced its unemployment rate.

John Steele Gordon writes a very short history of the income tax.

More subpoenas issued for those involved with the Working Family Party scandal in Troy, NY

This article creates more questions than it answers. Where can we get a 42 inch flat screen Sony Bravia for $395? How does a jail commissary have $16,000 in it? Forty sets were needed?

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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