Monday, September 26, 2011

The Heritage Foundation continues to point out that President Obama believes he is more than the President of the United States...perhaps he thinks he is the exalted ruler or maybe he has forgotten that there are three equal branches of government in the US. Obama believes that the GOP will "fundamentally cripple American in meeting the challenges of the 21st century." Cripple American, Mr. President? What has the stimulus spending done? Obamacare? Most economist believe that the programs you are forcing on America is what is "crippling" job growth and thereby "crippling' America.

This Mr. President is an example of how out of control your agenda truly is.

Is there a new Solyndra brewing?

Does anyone really believe that the ATF did this without the knowledge of AG Holder or his boss?

Maybe all of the above is contributing to this.

Michael A. Walsh wants to "fix" the GOP debates.

Cong. Issa on what to do with the Postal Service.

New Yorkers moved South, but not because it is warmer. And unfortunately, this will be a contributing factor when more New Yorkers move out.

Some politicians should never be elected or promoted to higher office.

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  1. Would read better as, "Most Politicians should never..."