Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Poll deals with the Administrations scandals so if you have not voted yet, you may want to read these articles from Human Events , from Hot Air and Fox News and this from the Heritage Foundation.

Maybe we should add this to the list of scandals. Is it scandalous to pay $16 of taxpayers money for a muffin? But no need to worry that it will happen again as the President said on Monday he is scouring the budget for every dime of waste and inefficiency.

GITMO is back in the news.

This can not be good news for taxpayers. David Malpass opines on what the Feds are planning and what they should be doing.

Is Senator Schumer really defending couples making $250,000 or does he have a not so hidden agenda?

Presidential prevarication.

Someone please tell him to stick to singing. How "real" is an apology if you have to read it from the index card?

Bonus Thomas Sowell article.

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