Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New York Post hits a grand slam home run with this editorial. More on the "Buffett Tax" here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Don;t have have time to read the above? Watch this for new fees that everyone will face!

The President wants Congress to increase taxes on the rich, yet fails to tell those attending a "High Roller" fundraiser about his plan. Seriously, does he think they are all of the Warren Buffett mindset?

Do they think we are all dunces? People, Solyndra went bankrupt!

Dodd/Frank must be repealed.

Our Governor does not have a problem with the President's plan and that is not good news for New Yorkers. Revenue is not what was planned on, and with all of the aftermath of Irene, New York may face serious fiscal problems in its next budget along with Counties who have not received mandate relief. The fact that Governor Cuomo did not state flatly that he opposes the "Buffett Tax" and danced around, is not a good sign for New Yorkers.

Look what else might make a comeback.

Social Engineering in the Suburbs. More here.

The question is "What would his position be if he did not agree with the issue"?

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

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