Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

More of the same from Albany this week – corruption, corruption and more corruption.

For the Left, all this corruption is a perfect opportunity for campaign finance “reform” that would force taxpayers to bankroll political campaigns, whether they actually support the candidates or not – all at a cost of as much as $200 million a year.

Do you agree with liberals that the only way to stop corruption in Albany is to have forced taxpayer funding of political campaigns? Cast your vote in our new Weekly Poll.

More judicial activism this week, as Andrew Cuomo’s agenda of abortions for anyone, anytime, for any reason receives tacit support from an unaccountable judge.

And more of the same from the Obama Administration this week, too – high unemployment that would actually be higher were it not for the tens of millions of people who have completely lost any hope of finding a job in this Obama economy.

But fear not: President Obama is unleashing a new budget packed with his “solution” to any problem: Higher taxes (plus alleged “reforms” to Social Security and Medicare).

Times are tough, but not so tough that Obama might think about giving up his golf outings, or a Justin Timberlake concert at the White House.

“Cheap seats” at the upcoming Timberlake concert at Yankee Stadium start at about $130 – out of reach for normal people struggling in this Obama economy.

The left’s attack on the 2nd Amendment continues, with New York leading the way again and again.

Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer aren’t letting outdated, dishonest statistics stop their campaign against the Constitution.

Have a great weekend!

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