Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's in the jury's hands now,   it is very unfortunate that they will have to live with the memories of the horrific, graphic descriptions of what went on in Gosnell's real life house of horrors.

This abortionist  thinks pro-lifers with cameras are terrorists.  I do believe the aborted babies would have a different view as to who does the terrorizing. 

The Heritage Foundation reminds us it's still the economy that needs to recover.  If the President spent  more time on the economy than vacation and golf maybe it would improve, then again many of us are grateful he is spending time golfing and vacationing so he doesn't make it worse.  When he was paying attention, we got Obamacare and we all know the "positive" economic result of Obamacare.  Maybe he actually is working while on the golf course, cutting deals for his green agenda, if that is the case we best get him off the greens!

The President does not like to answer certain questions, and ponders if he should just pack up and go home.

If you choose to draw a line in the sand regarding Syria, then back away from your statement, maybe you should just go home Mr. President.  We do not need America to appear weak and lacking resolve.  Your primary focus is to keep America safe; Peace through Strength; backing away from your statements is hardly strength.

Instead of being  the Obama  Borg, you should emulate true leadership and learn the Lessons for today from the Immortals.

If you believe that Members of Congress and their staffs should have the same health care they are forcing on us sign this petition.

George J. Marlin has a provocative question for Governor Cuomo in his latest column. 

Your tax dollars hard at work:  Boston Bombers collected $100,000 in benefits before the bombings.  Now we are paying for the younger one's lawyer and heaven knows what his hospital bill will costs us.  The FBI cannot afford to miss another ping.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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