Thursday, April 11, 2013

More from the Heritage Foundation on President Obama's budget here and here. Is anyone really surprised that President Obama's budget increases funding for enforcement of federal gun control? 

Speaking of gun control, most of the main stream media will not report this fact.

The Hoover Institute writes about the economic ignorance of Barack Obama.

President Obama does not understand the word "permanent" !

The IRS claims it can read your emails without a warrant; the ACLU is right to be concerned.

There is an APP to do what? It really is sobering how very vulnerable we are. 

Finally, the media is beginning to speak out on the slaughterhouse doctor in trail in Philadelphia. 

Chutzpah!  Read the link in yesterday's press release, then ask yourself if this person has any credibility in pushing an ethics plan.

Chutzpah times two.   New York really deserves better.

Governor Cuomo's ugly message to biz.

The NY Sun opines on Mayor Bloomberg's Party.

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