Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When we saw this yesterday, we really thought it was an April Fools Day joke, but alas, it isn't. 

Another great article by E. J. McMahon on our new budget subsidizing the Bills.  It's good to learn that our neighboring state, Massachusetts,  rejects the idea of government subsidies to professional sport teams. The only way this outrageous use of you money will end is with pressure from you to make it end.  Don't you have better ways to spend your own money?  To bring the $135.2 B budget into numbers easier to understand, check out the Empire Center's $pend-O-Meter. 

Tom Precious, a reporter for the Buffalo News, writes how the budget underestimates the real costs of the budget deal which only means one thing; additional taxes will be needed to close the budget gap.

This article about freeloaders ran in yesterday's NY Post as an exclusive....well, apparently according to today's NY Post, Mayor Bloomberg is frustrated about how lax the rules are.  Mr. Mayor, you've banned smoking, denied salt to patrons, tried to end large soda sales, but can't find the time and means to end this misuse of taxpayer's money?  Your priority concerns for our health are misguided and should be on our wealth.

It really amazes me how much is being spent to convince people that taking their money to finance campaigns they don't support is a good idea.  

Lets recap for a moment, today we are reminded about a government that wants your money for professional sports, homeless shelters for those who aren't homeless and supporting candidates you don't want in office.  Wake up voters!!  Time to grill candidates before blindly voting for a name you recognize. 

Michael Benjamin writes about an abortion bill NY won't like.

The Heritage Foundation examines what immigration reform must do.  The Insider Online reminds us that we have a history with amnesty and it isn't good.   More from the Investor's Daily:  Secure the Boarder!

Don Feder used to have a Country.   

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.  

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