Thursday, April 18, 2013

Erick Erickerson writes poignantly that our hearts should not be troubled despite all the heart-wrenching news this week.  Trust me it will lift your spirits.

The long awaited Immigration Reform legislation gets panned by the Heritage Foundation,   and conservatives get praised for upholding the 2nd Amendment. Heritage is not the only organization that is disappointed in the gang of eight's plan.  More information from the Daily Caller here.

The NY Sun stands up for New Yorker's right to bear arms and Obama vows more gun control without Congress.

Former Republican Leader of the New York State Assembly, John Faso,  spells out the pitfalls of a public finance system.

Need more proof that public financing isn't a good idea, read today's NY Post editorial on Weiner's Windfall. 

Every once in a while the whole truth comes out.  Kudos to Stuart Applebaum for being honest, strong disapproval for pushing "medical" marihuana bill that is anything but medicine.

 We must keep Secretary Kerry's feet to the fire and get answers on what really happened in Benghazi.

One only has to watch this video to understand why America is in real trouble.

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