Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Will someone please explain to me how inanimate objects are at fault when people make conscientious choices to exploit the intended purpose of said object?  Guns do not commit crimes and the Wilson-Pekula law in NYS is not a vehicle for bribery.  On March 25, 1947, Dewey signed the Wilson Pakula Act into law and it was designed to protect the integrity of political parties and to prevent the invasion into or the capture of control of political parties by persons not in sympathy with the principles of such political parties, so please explain how this law that has been useful for 66 years, all of a sudden is responsible for the corruption in Albany?  Read what Chairman Mike Long thinks about this push to eliminate the Wilson/Pekula. 

Governor Cuomo, people who lack values and a moral compass are at fault, both in the murder of innocent people and corruption at any level.  Until that is addressed, and we admit it is easier said than done, all of the so called solutions you are calling for will do absolutely nothing to change the direction society is currently following.  What you have suggested, is a band-aide that will fool people into thinking a positive step has been taken.  Governor Cuomo sat with the NY Post and admitted that  the "power of entrenched" leaders is at the "root" of Albany's evil.  Then why don't you call for term limits?  With term limits, citizens will at least know they only be in office for a certain amount of time and be less likely to abuse the trust given them by citizens.  People who follow politics on a daily basis, understand that public campaign finance will not eliminate corruption, in fact it breeds corruption. This much is certain, laws have existed in civilized society since society became civilized and yet there are people who blatantly chose to ignore them.  We may never be able to fully change that fact, but we can limit their ability to profit and remove them from the vast majority of society that respect reasonable laws.

Why isn't the main stream media giving this horrific trial coverage?   Or letting citizens know that 1270 babies have been born alive after failed abortions.

The Heritage Foundation writes about carrying on Baroness Thatcher's legend. 

David Limbaugh has written an  insightful column The world is upside down.

Of course, our Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell, always have insightful columns. 

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