Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Heritage Foundation sounds off on the federal gun control bill, hmm, anyone want to comment on what they would say about the NY SAFE Act?   Click on this link and to sign the Heritage petition "Stop playing with the Second Amendment."

A recent report by the Congressional Research Services admits that the probability of preventing more mass shootings with new gun control laws is slim.

Suing a business because they will not provide flowers for your wedding reinforces the argument that same sex marriages is not about being with the one you love, it is about changing society's definition of marriage to gain the financial benefits of government sanctioned marriage.

Great, now we have Facebook influencing legislation

Obviously, Congress hasn't learned that huge bills have pitfalls and unintended consequences.

George J.Marlin opines on New York's status as the least free state.

What a surprise, Senator Klein's bill to curtail corruption, helps him.   Doesn't that give your confidence in the system and him.

Speaking of confidence, yesterday we blogged about the change in the STOCK Act and told you we would let you know how Senator Gillibrand voted on the repeal of making transactions transparent on the Internet.  First we discovered finding the information was not an easy task.  Despite what we have been assured that transparency is available, transparency is hidden behind all kinds of layers.  But we finally (with the able assistance of Kyle at ACU) found that on April 11, 2013, Sen. Harry Reid introduced S.716 -- no cosponsors -- and called for a vote when most members had left.  The bill passed by unanimous consent (no roll call vote) so we can not report how Senator Gillibrand voted.  

This is what the repeal does:  The Senate bill passed Thursday by unanimous consent goes beyond a simple delay. If passed by the House and signed by President Barack Obama, the measure would exclude legislative and executive staffers from having their financial disclosure forms posted on the Internet. The new reporting requirements would still apply to the president, vice president, members of Congress, congressional candidates and individuals subject to Senate confirmation.

At lease they (elected officials)  have to report, but don't bet the mortgage that this won't be repealed also. 

BTW, President Obama signed the legislation on April 15, 2013.  Who said things take forever in Washington, DC?

Bonus Thomas Sowell "Immigration Sophistry."

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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