Monday, April 8, 2013

Well we now know why President Obama will not let us see his college transcripts; he obviously never learned basic math!  Reading this in the Washington Times, it becomes apparent that President Obama's English comprehension wasn't his strong subject either.  Compromise usually works both ways, Mr. President as we remember it was you that said "I won"  when y controlled the House and Senate. 

Obama's budget wants more of your money to redistribute,  but as we can learn from this article, no matter how much government spends (on any program) it will never be enough.  You won't like this either.  We are beginning to think we were much better off without the President's budget, and we've just looked at two items in it. 

The Heritage Foundation has a good article on how we can protect ourselves online.

The NY Post is right on target with this editorial and then the NY Post follows up with the Roots of NY's Rot.

Rest in Peace, Baroness Margaret Thatcher!  We will always

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