Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The White House dismisses the House GOP report on Benghazi to no ones surprise.  And while it is critical of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we know that will not impede her speaking fees. 

The General should know as General Vallely is the former commanding general of the Pacific Command and the founder of the Syrian Opposition Liaison Group, created with the Free Syrian Army and Stand-Up America.

Good advice from the Heritage Foundation. 

Michael Goodwin is tired of the "blame America first" crowd and quite frankly so are most Americans. 

Thomas Sowell has another well reasoned and thought out article "Immigration Gambles" well worth reading.

Our Governor seems to believe details are just excuses.  So I guess we can eliminate the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission, save a fortune on printing costs and have legislators just agree with the Governor without knowing the details because the details are just excuses.  What is scary, this isn't the first time he has said that the details don't matter.

Oh no, the Governor wants another task force, this one to restructure municipalities' finance.  Eliminate and stop imposing unfunded mandates,  and the municipalities will be in much better shape, wait is that too many details for you Governor? 

Thank you Senator Dean Skelos. 

Great analysis by William F. B. O'Reilly on what the "Fair Elections for New York Coalition" really want. (This article is in Newsday and you do need a subscription.....I'll try to get a different link.)

And here is what Chairman Long thinks about the proposed Internet Sales Tax.

A very sobering economic forecast by Peter Schiff.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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