Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chalk this up as a win for Nassau County taxpayers.

This, however, is a big loss for New Yorkers.

Poor VP Joe Biden, just loves to put in foot in his mouth.... here and here.

The bill is signed and as the Heritage Foundation states "Our work has only begun" Wesley Pruden starts his analysis with "Now the real fun begins", but the best headline I came across was from the Washington Examiner "There will be hell to pay if the debt deal drops". Rich Lowry's column deals with the "end of Keynes"

The ink isn't dry yet and Harry Reid is already calling for tax increases.

This from the Prime Minister of the country we are paying to get supplies to the International Space Station. We are "Parasites" according to Putin and this being told to the youth of Russia. As far as I am concerned the parasite is the person demanding $60 M per trip to the space station.

It is Thomas Sowell Tuesday.

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