Monday, August 8, 2011

A Nation mourns for our Navy Seals and all who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting America.

RIP Hugh Carey who regretted leading the fight to have Medicaid pay for abortions.

Here is an article you would not expect from us...but it really is worth the read.

The WSJ on American Gets Downgraded. Also from the WSJ: How to get that AAA Rating back.
(Hint....Reagan would know!)

The Washington Examiner also knows how. And the Heritage Foundation reminds everyone...It's the Spending.

Nicole Gelinas opines on America's road to discredit.

S&P isn't finished. The downgraded Fannie and Freddie, how will that effect Fannie's request on Friday for and additional $5.1 billion?

Are States next?

Some perspective from Congressman Cantor on the debt ceiling debate.

China threatens US.

The GOP Presidential race begins in earnest on Saturday in Ames, Iowa.

Is this modern math? No wonder Government has fiscal problems!

You may want to think twice about having a personal photo on Facebook.

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