Thursday, August 25, 2011

Much is being written lately how President Obama is going to reduce regulations to help spur economic growth. Don't be fooled by the press reports, most likely it is the old bait and switch scam.

The New York Post calls on Mayor Bloomberg to change his mind on 9/11 Ceremonies.

The NY Post wasn't upset with AG Schneiderman's being tossed by a panel of his peers trying to work out a settlement with mortgage lenders. Apparently, Schneiderman was pleased with being tossed. The World Socialist Website supports Schneiderman, need we say more?

This is a very disturbing report. Fortunately, Dr. Keith Ablow, is unafraid to call it what it is.

The Heritage Foundation analyzes the CBO report on our debt.

While the economy is certainly not at peak, contributions to campaigns do not appear to be suffering, yet.

Suffolk County Legislator, Tom Cilmi, has an article in the Long Island Business News, that spells out ways New York can become a more business friendly state. Gov. Cuomo, please adopt some of these ideas. If you do them, jobs will come and we won't have to spend $50 million to advertise for business.

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