Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 9th CD is continues to be news worthy. With your continued support, Bob Turner, can win this race. Click here to help. Link
The Heritage Foundation on being prepared.

The Washington Times discusses the pros and cons of having the debt commission have all the deliberations in the "open".

The WSJ on the problems with a VAT.

The Store is Closed!

If you were employed by GE, wouldn't you believe that when Jeffery F. Immelt was appointed by President Obama to be the Chairperson of the Council of Jobs and Competitiveness, that you would have more security with you job? Do you think these employees feel betrayed?

Tell me again, Mr. President, why we are depending on Russia to get us to the Space Station.

In case you were not in California yesterday, or did not watch the webcast of Senator Marco Rubio addressing an audience at the Ronald Reagan Library, here is the video. Is 2016 too soon for him to run for President?

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