Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The only way we will really turn our Nation around is to elect more people like Sen. Rubio...his thinking is the future. We are approximately 66 weeks away from the 2012 elections, the question is will we be able to keep the momentum up? If we fail, this will be our future. Because it is obvious that President Obama and his lemmings refuse to acknowledge their policies are the problem. There is hope, but we must continue to ring the clarion bell as loud as we can.

Michael Goodwin understands. So does George Will.

The Military is NOT the problem.

It helps when Sen. Rubio and Congressman Paul Ryan are in Congress and keep their feet to the fire. Henninger on Paul Ryan's focus and why he is the 2nd most wished for presidential candidate.

Mr. Clinton, it really is way past the time for you to stop playing the race card!

The Feds get one issue right.

When was the last time you heard this?

Thomas Sowell's Misleading Words - Part 2.

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