Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Great news to end the week: The New York Post has endorsed Wendy Long in this Tuesday’s GOP primary.
Noting Kirsten Gillibrand’s blatant pandering to the far-left since heading to the Senate, the Post states: “New Yorkers deserve a senator who actually stands for something — beyond the betterment of her personal circumstances, that is.”

This is just the latest in the impressive number of endorsements Wendy has earned by taking our conservative message out to voters and making a compelling case for lower taxes, less spending and a strong national defense.
Here you will find Wendy herself talking about why she’s the right candidate to take on Kirsten Gillibrand.

I hope you will give Wendy your endorsement in the Republican primary this Tuesday. And make sure to tell your friends and family who share your values to go to the polls. New York deserves a real choice this November. You have the power to give our state the best choice possible by voting for Wendy on Tuesday. .

Wendy has talked a lot during this campaign about the importance of respecting America’s founding principles – and I thought of her brave stand on behalf of the Constitution when I read this article, which makes a moral case for the free enterprise envisioned by our Founders.
“Staten Island health center receives nearly $500,000 from Sen. Gillibrand” – this headline is a great example of everything that’s wrong with the American left and the media these days.  

Did Sen. Gillibrand personally dip into her savings and write a $500,000 check to this particular health center, as the headline implies? Not at all... she dipped into the taxpayers’ pockets and very generously “gave” a nice chunk of other people’s money – and was rewarded with a flattering headline (conveniently right in the middle of the election year).

You can see why Sen. Gillibrand is such an adamant supporter of Barack Obama and his Imperial Presidency, which The Heritage Foundation explores in frightening detail today.

Obama’s rewriting of immigration law and his cowardly use of “executive privilege” to thward the Fast and Furious investigation have been the most recent examples – but Heritage points out many others, from traditional marriage to internet regulation and the environment.
As Heritage notes, “There is no telling where such disregard may go next, but the trend is clear, and it leads further and further away from the constitutional rule of law.”
Do you believe that Barack Obama, with his “imperial presidency,” is undermining the very idea of America as we know it?  Give your vote today in our new Weekly Poll.
On the specific issue of illegal immigration, Charles Krauthammer of course is spot on in his analysis of the Obama Administration’s shameful undermining of our American system.
Liberals everywhere seem to really hate it when “we, the people” have our say. Right here in New York Andrew Cuomo is furious that the Conservative Party mobilized citizens against his dismantling of New York’s marijuana laws. 

As Slate notes with great dismay of the Governor’s marijuana proposal, “Ultimately, Senate opposition to the proposal made it impossible to pass.” I’m proud to say that the Conservative Party was behind that opposition – and we did the right thing for New York.

Let’s do the right thing again this Tuesday by electing Wendy Long as the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Be sure to make your voice heard on June 26 – and have a great weekend!

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