Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Last night we celebrated the Conservative Party’s 50th Anniversary.  The biggest news from our Dinner Gala is that Sean Hannity has endorsed Wendy Long for the U.S. Senate.
I’m confident that on June 26th grassroots conservatives across New York will give Wendy their support, joining Sean, Steve Forbes and the many other leaders who have are on her side.

Meanwhile the liberals had their own celebration as President Barack Obama came to town – on “official business” of course, so we taxpayers can have the honor of footing most of the bill... but Obama did manage to work in some fundraising, unsurprisingly enough.
“You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes,” Obama told his celebrity supporters last night, right here in New York.  So Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep... these are the people Obama thinks represent “the American people.”

The more he says, the scarier his way of thinking becomes.  And at the same time, as John Podhoretz notes, often the more he speaks the less he actually says – and the more time heattempts to block from the record, as Byron York explains.

Here is a full transcript of Obama’s speech last night.  It’s interesting to me that, best I can tell, Obama didn’t mention his support for gay marriage – even in front of this adoring and left-leaning crowd. Maybe his pollsters are telling him this isn’t a winning issue?
As you can see from this story, the Conservative Party does not shy away from defending traditional marriage.

Obama and his celebrity hangers-on fancy themselves as warriors for the working class – but people struggling to make ends meet (who unlike Obama’s super-rich supporters don’t have the luxury of high-paid accountants who can find loopholes to avoid higher taxes) will be facing huge tax increases if the Obama Administration does nothing to stop the “Taxmageddon” that will hit us all on January 1, 2013.

According to this Heritage chart, low-income workers are facing a $1,200 tax increase next year thanks to the liberals’ tax agenda. 
Here you will find more information on the massive tax increase we’re facing – which will hit New Yorkers with an average tax hike of almost $3,800.

Could you put $3,800 to better use than sending it to Washington? Tell how you would rather use $3,800 in our new Weekly Poll. 
Here is yet another left-wing idea that is bad for the “working families” that liberal parties claim to support. Let’s hope this minimum wage increase gets minimum support.
And more Big Government insanity here. Are there many jobs in your area that pay $52 an hour?
Yesterday was a busy one for New York, for the entire nation it was also Flag Day – though the Washington Post didn’t seem to get the message. Meanwhile the Washington Times reminds us that Old Glory is under attack in many ways.
Have a great weekend!

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