Wednesday, June 13, 2012

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, continues to receive positive feedback as she travels throughout New York State.   Wendy Long wants to know why her two opponents will not debate more than the one debate scheduled for this Sunday on YNN news.  Wendy Long praises some members of the NY Congressional delegation for their vote to repeal the tax on medical devices and wants to know why Senator Gillibrand is silent on this issues that, if enacted through Obamacare, will hurt all New Yorkers.  Is Ed Cox schilling for Congressman Turner?  Decide for yourself after you read this.

The Heritage Foundation opines on the GM bailout. And they are getting more of your money!

More information that will get your blood pressure up.  If that didn't, this article certainly will.

Secretary Donald Rumsfield on LOST (Land of the Sea Treaty).

Once more, about that remark about the private sector Mr. President, are you ready to recognize how totally wrong it was, yet  Maybe this will help convince you.  Or this.

More information on Obamacare and how it increases the costs of health care.

In case any of our readers are expecting a Nobel Prize, you will be getting 20% less money.  Yup, the economy is fine, Mr. President.

Could it be?  Hydrofracking may happen in New York. 

Stop-and-frisk is an important element to try to stop crime in the community . . . There was a downturn in crime because you have introduced stop-and-frisk,” the Rev. Floyd Flake, pastor of one of the city’s largest congregations, Greater Allen AME Church in Jamaica, told NY1’s “Inside City Hall.”

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