Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here is an “In Case You Missed It” alert from the Wendy Long campaign – she appeared on last Friday’s “Capital Tonight” program, and as usual did an outstanding job in laying out the issues and explaining why she is the right choice for New York.
Wendy talks about jobs, taxes, the economy, health care and a number of other issues. Which of Wendy’s sensible stands on the issues do support the most? Vote this week in our “supersized” Weekly Poll.

Make sure you sign up to get email updates from Wendy and to volunteer for her campaign before the June 26 primary. Here is the link for that - and here you can get an absentee ballot if you can’t make it to the polls on June 26.

This is surprising (and disappointing): Support from the New York Post for the Bloomberg Nanny State.
Seems like a random sampling of New Yorkers shows better sense than people like Bloomberg who think they know what’s best for everyone.
And when Big Government is getting too big for even Sheldon Silver, it’s clear that things have gone too far.

So what have we seen from the Obama Administration this week?

And of course plenty of fundraising (with an “official” event worked in – which means taxpayers will probably be picking up the tab for this trip).

Rep. Chris Smith, our neighbor from New Jersey, highlights the real “war on women” – the sex-selective abortions that President Obama and many Democrats in Congress seem to think are perfectly okay.

A great conservative from New York, Ann Marie Buerkle, is also leading the fight against this repulsive example of the abortion regime.
Thank goodness for these sensible voices in Congress. Let’s add another by electing Wendy Long to the U.S. Senate!

Have a great weekend.

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