Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wendy Long appeared on Fred Dicker's radio program this morning and Mr. Dicker describes Ms. Long as the "most articulate" of the three candidates running for the republican line that he has interviewed....and he has interviewed all three.  Click on the link above to hear the interview for yourself and you will understand why Mr. Dicker said what he did.  It begins at approximately the 29 minute mark....if you don't have time to listen to the whole program....just click on the highlighted track bar until you come to the 29 minute mark.

Michael J. Gaynor has another excellent posting on Ms. Long hereClick here to become involved in Wendy Long's campaign and help New York elect a US Senator that reflects your values.  Don't forget the Republican primary is June 26.....the Conservative Party endorsed and authorized Ms. Long to run on the Conservative Line in March.

Benefits have always been the real issue in the effort to redefine marriage and it is not going away.  I believe it will eventually be decided by the US Supreme Court and the upcoming November elections, while based on the economy, the future of our Country for years to come will be defined by decisions made by the US Supreme Court.  The decision ultimately is yours at to whom will be making recommendations for Justice of the United States Supreme Court for the next four years.

Sex selection abortion ban has to be debated?  What is there to debate?  We are talking about a viable child, a child that could survive being born.  So I ask again, what is there to debate?

Missing NY boy found safe and sound.

Sometimes Mayor Bloomberg is right, but certainly not when he try to impose his nanny state ideas.

More on LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty).

Obamacare in reverse. 

Jack and Suzy Welch on private equity.

New CBO report: Obama stimulus may have cost $4.1 million per job.

More on Obama's spending here. 

E. J. McMahon explains why the NYS Pension Fund is not as sound as Comptroller DiNapoli wants you to believe.

Inside the AP's NYPD lies.

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