Monday, May 7, 2012

More from the Heritage Foundation on Julia "The conservative vision for Julia’s future is one that empowers her as an individual — not one that pegs her successes to the expansion of the federal government."

School Board Elections will be held May 15 throughout New York State, watch this video, and send it to your family and friends before you vote for school board members. Ask the people vying to be on the School Board if they are independent thinkers who will truly fight for our children or if they are running to support the teachers' union.

US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, calls on President Obama to support DOMA and leave the issue of marriage to the states. Is VP Biden speaking for himself or does he what to know the reaction of the trial balloon?

Latest job report is not what the President wants to acknowledge, yet it is his, the economy belongs to his administration. It's all about the numbers. Should the unemployment rate really be 8.3%? Or is it even higher? This chart makes it clear: no matter how the President spins the jobs numbers, we need more real jobs.

What will this do to the cost of your prescription/health insurance?

Did you know that Americans pay more for taxes than food, clothing and shelter?

We can't help but wonder what Greece and France constituents will end up paying under their new leadership and who will be left to pay the exorbitant taxes they will need to collect to pay for the benefits promised. Will Germany end up in the same boat? Reaction to vote in the Asian Stock Market.

George Will: Infringing on Free Speech

Any doubts now that certain members of the administration support class warfare?

AEI hits the nail on the head.

The WFP is back in the news and it won't be good for them.

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