Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This statement by VP Biden crosses the line...not his normal "foot in mouth" problem...it is a glimpse into this administration's thoughts.

The female version of VP Biden prone to exaggerating the facts.

Socialism Rises Again in Europe. More on the votes cast in Europe this past weekend. And, how the Stock Market is reacting and what it means. The NY Post Editorial shares our concerns.

Will Congress curtail the fastest growing government welfare program?

Pregnant and plan on visiting the White House, you must include your unborn child as a visitor. This from the same administration that seeks to force religious institutions to provide abortion coverage to women. The irony is astounding.

North Carolina gets it right on two counts; letting the people decide and trending to reaffirm the definition of marriage.

Oh my, Nanny State government back with a vengeance. How long will it be before Michelle Obama asks for an Executive Order to combat obesity?

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.


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