Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kudos to the Heritage Foundation for today's Morning Bell. 

This NY Post editorial deserves kudos also

We were opposed to "reforming" the Rockefeller Drug Laws in 2009 and stated "Our streets today, are as bad, if not worse than they were when the Legislature enacted the strictest penalties in the nation.  Today’s members of the Legislature should be focusing on protecting the innocent people not involved in the selling, trafficking and use of drugs," in our memo to the Members of the Legislature. We were right then and this op-ed reinforces the fact that (former) Governor Paterson, Speaker Silver and AG Schneiderman were misguided then and should consider repealing the reform.  We won't hold our breath.

"The more that Congress feels pressure to do something big and lasting in 2012, the more it is likely to do lasting harm to our economy and national security."  Good advice from and they also urge voters to decided what will be best way to close the deficit, let's hope the voters understand the economics and our constitution and not rely on the rhetoric put out by the White House.

Misguided republican. 

We need to close this loophole.  

What do private equity firms do?  Forward this to your liberal friends, we know you understand their need. 

An editorial in the New York Observer that we agree with.  

Good News....we have always believed that the more people learn about a developing baby the more pro-life they will become....sonograms will continue to educate and we will continue to educate until we are at 100%.

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, calls on Sen. Gillibrand to honor our veterans this weekend and to call a truce in the phony war on woman.  More about Wendy Long's campaign herehere and here.

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