Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Suburban NYC Teen Missing, family seeking help finding him.

Now on to the political news.  Hope you all had an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend.  Check you yesterday's blog to see Wendy Long on NY 1 and YNN over the weekend.  Ambassador John Bolton just endorsed US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.  Among other glowing remarks, Ambassador Bolton said  “Wendy Long is superbly qualified to represent New York as a U.S. Senator and is the only candidate who can defeat Kirsten Gillibrand in November...She (Wendy Long)  also understands that a prime obligation of a U.S. Senator – particularly one from New York – is to defend the security and sovereignty of America, and that nothing, including political correctness, can stand in the way of that obligation. “  Don't forget to mark your calendar for the June 26 primary (if you will be on vacation, request an absentee ballot now before you forget) and June 17th for the only (as of now) debate.  June 17th is Father's Day so set your DVR for 7:00 PM for either YNN or NY1.

The Heritage Foundation delves into the Medicare mess. 

More information on Obamacare from Scott Gottlieb.  The Washington Examiner lets us look at a critical report on how HHS loses millions in charges.

Two charts to help you decided who is telling the truth on Obama's economy:  here and here.

More on President Obama here, here and here.  Great article by Pete duPont on what another four years of an Obama presidency would bring....and it isn't very full of hope and change.

Gov. Cuomo suspends smoking ban in parks....for two months.

The NY Post editorial hits the nail on the head, again.

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