Thursday, May 17, 2012

A glimmer of hope for the American Dream when the US Senate voted 99-0 yesterday to reject the President's budget says the Heritage Foundation.

President Obama will not be pleased with this article.

Senator Schumer -- always about grabbing headlines -- is so off base on this proposal....fix the tax code, don't "punish" people.

This can't be good.

Van Jones comes clean about Gulf Oil spill.

What does the Housing Bubble and Higher Education Bubble have in common -- government interference.

Governor Cuomo is wrong on this issue, fingerprinting has helped keep fraud down.

E. J. McMahon thinks the tax cap is working.

Federal activist Judge, Shira Scheindlin, not thinking about the consequences of her ruling.

Nor is the New York City Council thinking about the consequences of the bills they are passing.

Seriously, isn't it time for all elected officials to stop grabbing headlines and consider what America accomplished without all this government interference and knee-jerk reactions to every perceived problem?

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