Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Kevin Brady have written an excellent Op-Ed in today's Wall Street Journal and every state should heed their advice.

No one is surprised that people want to raise the minimum wage, but do they realize the consequences of raising the minimum wage? Less people hired and cost of goods go up, if the question was asked in this manner "Knowing that the costs of goods will increase and less people will be hired, do you support raising the minimum wage" would the answer be the same? Minimum wages are for entry level positions, there is government support for families who cannot find better jobs due to the government interference in the free market. Speaker Silver should be more concerned with getting government out of the way of job creation and let the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers create jobs.

Speaker Silver and all elected officials should read this Op-Ed by Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, to understand how government is standing in the way of job creation.

They should also read the Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell that reminds us not to fear the free market.

Sen. Tom Coburn is suggesting places for President Obama to use the scalpel he can't seem to find to cut spending.

President Obama must be looking for it in the Bio's of former Presidents and while there he seems to be inserting all the good advice he has carried on in their names. And when he is not doing that, he will make you leave your cell phone at a registration desk if you are attending an event for him. Is this the reason President Obama is getting so nervous? Or maybe it is his double speak being exposed that is making the democrats nervous.

Should this be making all Americans wonder how safe we really are?

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