Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Most of the respondents (45%) in our weekly poll last week thought President Obama "evolved" once again on same sex marriage to change the conversation from his disastrous economic policies. Charles Krauthammer writes in his weekly column that "he is too intelligent not to realize he’s embraced a logical contradiction" by first stating it should be left up to the states and then five days later saying it is a right. President Obama is just proving what a chameleon he can be.

Senator Gillibrand is also one who changes as the wind changes, but our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, won't let her flip-flopping on hydrofracking go unnoticed. Wendy Long knows the issues and doesn't hesitate to stand firm on her beliefs. Thanks to Michael J. Gaynor who provides a link to Wendy Long on Laura Ingram's radio show where you can judge for yourself. Or if you are in the Rochester area tonight, Wendy will be the featured speaker at the Monroe County Conservative Party Dinner.

There is a lot of activity in the skies above America this week. In Chicago fighter jets are patrolling in preparation for the NATO meeting. In Denver they are trying to determine what flew by a private corporate jet and soon we could have Drones flying all over as the FAA ruled this week that all government entities could apply for a certificate to us drones. Judge Andrew Napolitano raises his concerns about the possibility of drones in your backyard and we couldn't agree more. Let us know what you think in this week's weekly poll.

Drones may be coming to your backyard, but the secrecy as to where they will strike in the war zone is being reconsidered.

The NY Daily News Editorial puts the safety of New Yorkers first and like the NY Post editorial yesterday and today questions the thinking of Judge Scheindlin and the would be future Mayors of NYC.

I wonder if Senator Schumer will be buying any Facebook shares today? I also wonder why he is so eager to punish successful people.

Enjoy your weekend and think of some ways to annoy Senator Schumer by becoming a billionaire!

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