Monday, May 14, 2012

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, is endorsed by Citizens United. Michael J. Gaynor gives us more of his insight on the U.S. Senate race here. What today's Siena Poll shows here.

The Heritage Foundation supports the Lee Plan saying in part "Lee’s plan is a strong blueprint for restraining and ultimately reducing our nation’s massive debt, cutting Washington’s out-of-control spending and above all restoring our nation’s economic prosperity. This is the only way that we can make sure future generations are not saddled with debt that keeps them from having the same opportunity of achieving the American Dream." Well, Senator Reid, will you bring his plan to the floor?

The Conservative Party is opposed to GENDA legislation also know as the "bathroom" bill. More here from Chairman Long.

The NY Post Editorial has some good advice for voters tomorrow's School District vote.

Does the President understand the irony? Probably not. He obviously thinks this is his role.

For someone who seemed to understand that overall, our state government was/is too big, why is it still growing with various new commissions etc. The WSJ examines the question.

Staten Island Borough President, James P. Molinaro, is calling on Congress to close this egregious tax credit. You can thank him for doing so at our 50th Anniversary Dinner.

For details on our 50th Anniversary Dinner, visit our website:

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