Thursday, May 10, 2012

The first responsibility of our government is to protect us and to provide those who protect us the best possible equipment. How can any American not believe that is governments prime responsibility? The Heritage Foundation believes our military readiness is in jeopardy, unfortunately, under this administration, there is no doubt that the Foundation is right.

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, is endorsed by another elected official! Remember to remind your friends and family that Wendy Long needs their vote on June 26 in the republican primary. Wendy Long's reaction to the President's statement yesterday.

Sen. Tom Coburn, could use another strong voice in the Senate, after reading this, we are certain you will agree that Sen. Coburn needs more Senate Members who think like he does.

The WSJ expands on the perils of stimulus spending here.

George Will writes about taxing jobs out of existence.

E. J. McMahon writes about what happens when government controls prices, the someone (the consumer) always pays in the end.

Sen. Jim Alesi quits, more about his quitting in the NY Times.

New York State is very generous to families making minimum wages in New York State, a family of three earning less than $34,600 is not required to pay state income taxes. Read more here.

The NY Post on the "evolution" of President Obama. This explains why some of us are cynical of the President's statement yesterday. The Weekly Standard opines on the President's "change of heart"....mind you he was for ssm in 1996.

When I listened to the President yesterday, I was struck by his remark that our Armed Forces were fighting "on my behalf", actually I was stunned by his statement. So was Elliot Abrams.

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