Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recently (May 16) a sitting New York Supreme Court Judge wrote an opinion piece in the NY Times supporting "medical" marijuana stating that it helped him deal with the effects of his pancreatic cancer treatment.  I though it was appalling that a sitting Supreme Court Judge -- who has the responsibility to uphold the laws that he may disagree with -- try to make the case for "medical" marijuana.  There is no such thing as "medical" marijuana and I found it very interesting the the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals -- one of the most liberal Courts in America -- upheld Irvine's and Lake Forest right to ban pot dispensaries in California.  Read the article here and don't let a misguided NYS Supreme Court Judge fool you into believing that New York should enact a "medical" marijuana bill.

Harvey Golub writes in the WSJ "How the Recovery Went Wrong".

More on the economy from the Weekly Standard.  How will President Obama spin these numbers when it is the Bureau of Labor Statistics that complied them?

Dennis Prager writes why the Left is far more dangerous than the Right. 

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, endorsed by ACU/PAC.  More from Michael J. Gaynor on Ms. Long's run to replace Senator Gilliband.

More on Stop and Frisk by Heather Mac Donald.

NYC parents like, really like, Charter Schools.

Bonus article by Thomas Sowell.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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