Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Heritage Foundation calls Governor Walker's win  an "historic win for reform" and it certainly is.  But even more, it is a huge win for all who believe that they can make a difference, that grassroots efforts can and must win, if America will continue to be the beacon of freedom in the world.  America was built by grassroots, not by government programs designed to take from one to give to whom it chooses.  Wisconsin has returned to what has made America the greatest nation and has given hope to the other 49 states that America will stand strong on its founding principles. Wisconsin's are lucky to have Governor Walker and so is the rest of our beloved country.  Yesterday's big win gives us HOPE that CHANGE is coming.

California, yes you read California, cut pension cost in San Diego and San Jose.  Governor Brown, you better be listening to the people because you certainly do not what the rest of California to become like Stockton.

6,603 American casualties, 68 years ago today, as our Armed Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy.  We are forever grateful and will never forget your courage and sacrifices made and will keep you all in our prayers.  President Obama apparently thinks fundraising is more important. 

It is bad enough Bill Press said this about our National Anthem, the extra insult is to say it on D-Day..

President Obama firm on not extending tax cuts.  (I guess he slept thought the Wisconsin election or he was just busy counting the money raised in New York City.)

Another very black eye for the current administration! Will they stop at nothing to keep what they have?

Obama's debt boom

The NY Post editorial weighs in on photo ID's for voters. 

Economist Steve Forbes endorses Wendy Long. 

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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