Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’ll end this week by recalling the recall election in Wisconsin, since there’s seemingly been little else in the news since Tuesday.

According to Charles Krauthammer, “The ultimate significance of Walker’s union reforms has been largely misunderstood.”  Read his column here if you want to know what Walker era reform really terrifies the Working Families Party-types.
Larry Kudlow explains how the stock market reacted quite favorably to the Walker win.

At National Review Online the recall results are described as a victory for free speech.

NR editor Rich Lowry explains how free speech has become the left’s big excuse for why they lose.
Michael Barone discusses the national implications of the recall vote.

And some outstanding analysis from Peggy Noonan, who notes that “There is, now, a house-of-cards feel about this administration.”

Of Obama, Ms. Noonan makes this wonderful point: “He’s busy. He’s running for president. But why?  He could be president now if he wanted to be.”

Which New York politician would you most like to see recalled? Give your vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Noonan also notes this important story in the news this week: The growing calls for a special investigation into politically-motivated national security leaks by the Obama Administration.
And the Fast-and-Furious scandal continues to percolate, as Eric Holder continues to stonewall.

With the June 26 primary just around the corner Wendy Long continues to earn key endorsements, and she is taking our conservative message across the state. Meanwhile her opponents continue to avoid debates.
Finally this week: Do hightaxes change people’s behavior? Ask the carloads of Canadians who are bypassing tax-laden airfares in their own country and driving across the border to New York and other states to take advantage of lower ticket prices from U.S. airports.
Wherever you’re going this weekend, have a great one!

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