Monday, June 25, 2012

Tomorrow is Primary Day for federal offices in NYS.  There is a republican primary for U.S. Senate....please remind your family and friends that Wendy Long is the only viable person who can bring constitutional law to the US Senate on our behalf when she defeats Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in November.  Help her win the Republican Primary tomorrow, Jume 26.  In case you missed these endorsements over the weekend:  The Watertown Daily TimesOneida County ExecutiveAssemblyman Steve KatzAssemblyman Marc Butler;  Hon.  Dennis C. Vacco; Hon. Rick LazioDoug Hoffman, the man who truly ignited the national TEA Party movement;  The Finger Lakes TEA PartyMayor Graham's View says this Liberty's Lifeline; Michael J. Gaynor's view; and this is from Gov Track Home; the Weekly Standard wrote about the NY Post endorsement of Wendy Long; and the Times Ledger (Queens local paper) says "An increasing number of political observers believe Long would be the strongest of the three Republican candidates for the Senate to face Gillibrand in the fall general election."  Senator Pattie Richie endorses Wendy Long; Hon. John Spencer,  so does the man who returned us to Row C, Carl Paladino and the New Yorker's for Constitutional Freedoms.

Ambassador John Bolton; Laura Ingraham and Thurman Thomas are all making robocalls on Wendy Long's behalf. 

Still not sure, listen to Wendy Long on Laura Ingraham's show.

Our future is in your hands:  Help Wendy Long win the Republican primary tomorrow! Wendy Long is the only candidate that is committed to not raising the debt ceiling, read this and listen to her own word. 

The Supreme Court rules on Arizona's immigration law.  Key provision still in place.  This breaking, Administration is suspending immigration enforcement program in response to Supreme Court ruling!  This from a man who claimed to be a constitutional lawyer, doesn't he have any respect for the rule of law?  November 6, 2012 can not come soon enough!

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