Monday, June 18, 2012

Hopefully you saw the debate (or you had your DVR set to record the debate) between the three republican candidates in the June 26 Republican primary for U. S. Senate.  The Conservatives nominated Wendy Long and are convinced that she will be the best candidate to run for the seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand.  Please remind your republican friends to vote for Wendy Long on June 26, one week from tomorrow.  In case you missed the debate, you can watch it here. Click herehere,   here  here and here for some coverage of only debate so far and quite possibly the only debate since the primary is 8 days from today. 

In case you missed the fact that Sean Hannity gave Wendy Long his seal  of approval, you can read about it here. If you are a Hannity Insider, you can listen to Wendy Long on the Hannity Show here.

More coverage on Wendy Long getting around the state here and here.  Sen. William J. Larkin endorses Wendy Long.

The Heritage Foundation on the Greek elections.

If Legislators really believe they deserve a raise to $100,000 a year, then take the vote before elections and let voters decide if you should get the raise. Most taxpayers haven't had raises either and many have lost their jobs, yet government keeps raising their taxes. 

Chairman Long makes our position on decriminalizing pot very clear.

The Washington Examiner thinks President Obama hit the panic button.

Michele Malkin has a list of those who don't believe the president has constitutional authority to suspend deportations including the President himself.  Seriously, how can David Plouffe say this with a straight face?

Many blogs and newspapers have written how close Valerie Jarrett is to President Obama, so this article caught my eye over the weekend.  I guess the President and his wife attended the ceremony after playing golf, but that is another story.  Is anyone surprised about this headline, when so many police had to cover a wedding?  Just asking....

Professor Unger is 100% right, but for all the wrong reasons

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