Thursday, June 7, 2012

One week from today, will you be joining us at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers?  Click here for more information.

The numbers back us according to the latest polls.

The morality of conservatism.

Dysfunctional Washington.

First New York State wants to raise the minimum wage, now the House Democrats want to put more people out of work.

Someone tell Ricky Martin he is being used, President Obama did what he did because he wants their money, not because he is committed to their cause albeit he does believe in it....

President Obama likes to raise money (what he really craves is being the center of attention).

More on Fast and Furious from Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Greece, take a look at Wisconsin, call Gov. Walker for a few ideas, maybe then your unemployment rate will drop. Guess your tax rate really helped, probably why people are gone. 

E. J. McMahon on Wisconsin's Win.  And John Podhoretz's view.

Science is breathtaking when it comes to ways it has discovered how to cure disease and make our lives better, however, this article should make us all concerned. 

Thursday with Thomas Sowell, another must read.

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