Monday, August 13, 2012

If you only have time for one article, this is the one to read! Extremely hard on Romney and his campaign, until his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan on Saturday.  Send the link to everyone on your list, save the article and send it out again on November 5.  It is time to take back our Country and cast a vote for those who are committed to doing just that.

Some coverage including Chairman Long's reaction to Congressman Ryan as VP, note the misrepresentation of Ryan's budget plan by the WFP,  unlike what Democratic Erskine Bowels said last September when he called it "sensible, straightforward and serious".

The NY Post Editorial on the Romney announcement of Ryan. More from Editorial Boards across the Nation.

Stephan Moore on  the influence the late Jack Kemp had on Paul Ryan.  

Michael Barone on the Romney/Ryan ticket. 

Lawrence Kudlow's column prior to the Ryan choice for Vice President.

The Heritage Foundation opines the upcoming battle on Medicare.

Look at what happened today in Florida.

Newsmax takes a closer look at the future of  Social Security and the looming problem.  The Economist looks at pension problems.

Seriously, how can she keep a straight face?  Mr. President, can you tell us about your plan?

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