Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well,  this will get your blood boiling and if it doesn't, why not?  Seriously, our tax dollars being used by the Energy Dept. on projects "too risky for the private sector".  All the projects seem to be for electrical car batteries that most consumers are rejecting.  While I am certain that government has invested our hard earned tax dollars in projects that appeared to be too risky for the private sector -- NASA comes to mind --
now, when we are facing fiscal Armageddon,  is not the time to invest in projects that consumers are not interested in buying. We are still "on the hook" for the GM bailout and stand to lose billions. More on the  loss from Heritage Foundation. Fix our economy first!  President Obama says one thing, the government  must do its part in cutting wasteful spending, then continues to spend wastefully. 

Another case of President Obama saying one thing and enforcing the exact opposite.

News coverage of our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, here,  here,  here, here and here.  Obviously, our current Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has not read the report by the Congressional Budget Office that states lifting drilling restrictions could increase US reserves by 30%.   Congressman Bob Turner endorses Wendy Long.

More on Congressman Paul Ryan, from Rich Lowry, John Hayward, the NY Post Editorial PageCal Thomas. and Dennis Prager.

VP Biden needs President Obama's teleprompter or does he?  He owns his words and how pathetic is that.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell (and another thumbs up for VP choice, Paul Ryan)

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