Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If ever there was a reason to end public financing of campaigns, the NY Post Editorial spells it out today.  Elected officials are the only ones calling for "campaign finance reform", reform meaning you should pay for their campaigns, (well maybe a few left wing organizations also) and if the public remains silent, they will pass it statewide.  Don't let it happen, speak out against public financing of campaigns, it is your money.

Speaking of money, our U.S. Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has an Op-Ed in today's WSJ on A Smarter Approach to New York's Banks.  Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO contributer, follows up on the WSJ article.  Wendy Long also takes on Sen. Gillibrand's absence of support for New York Dairy Farmers and Yogurt producers.

According to the Heritage Foundation, President Obama has already tossed the Food Stamp work requirement. 

Yahoo news reports the economic recovery is the weakest since WWII.  It may be news to them, but certainly not to us.

RIP Nellie Gray: thank you for your dedication to Life.

I will refrain from saying "we told you this would happen" , but we did.

Eric Holder, read this, as in many other stands you take, you are wrong on this issue. 

Congressman Towns, you certainly have chutzpah.

Comptroller John Liu, do birds of a feather stick together?

Kudos's to Shenendehowa School District  (Clifton Park, NY) for taking a stand!  Let them know you support them: Superintendent: Dr. L. Oliver Robinson, 5 Chelsea Place, Clifton Park, NY 12065 • 518-881-0600

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