Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, reminds people that our US Constitution is based on the fact that our rights are granted not by government, but by God and nature. The transcript of last night's acceptance speech is here.  More on Congressman Ryan's speech here, here and here.  

Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico delivered (in my opinion) one of the best lines of the night "I'll be damned, we are republicans".

Reagan and Obama: A Tale of Two Recoveries.

Is it possible we may return to sound money?

The Heritage Foundation takes President Obama to task "Defending America takes more than Hope".

After reading this, I'm not sure I'll ever believe another Gallup Poll again.

Government cannot create private jobs but government can sure help by cutting the corporate rate tax. 

File this under chutzpah  and why government costs too much.

My question to the three judge panel is simple:  Would I be able to get into your office building without a photo ID?

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