Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 The Heritage Foundation writes that President Obama denies gutting welfare reform.  Just once, could President Obama remember what President Truman's famous motto was (The buck stops here).

 Investors' Business Daily sets the New York Times straight.

Judicial Watch exposes more White House interference in things it should not be involved with.

Sen. Jeff Sessions explains on Fox News Radio the problems with President Obama's new immigration plan.  More here on the plan.   Can't help wondering what it will do to the unemployment rate...for legal citizens!

Obama by the numbers.

A must see if you are in NYC this weekend, soon to be around the state.   Check the link for further releases.

Governor George E. Pataki endorses our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.  This proves you can win without a lot of money...grassroots is still the strongest way to get elected.  Help Wendy win by talking about her every day.

 Governor Cuomo is flexing his muscles on gun control.   Governor, guns are not the problem and more gun control in a state that already stifles the 2nd Amendment is certainly not the answer.  Everyone is outraged that evil madmen (for lack of a  better definition of people who perpetrate such horror) shattered the quiet of a movie theater and the solemn sanctity of a Sikh temple, but the knee-jerk reaction to call for more gun control laws will not change what has happened nor will it prevent future atrocities.  If you really want to help change what has, unfortunately, become far too common; why not emphasize the sanctity of life, how precious each life is.  Why not campaign for elevating how precious each day that we enjoy the beauty of a sunrise can be a day that we celebrate what each and every one of us has to offer to make our world a better place to live in.  Some may say that this approach is too simplistic, and it may well be, but for far too long we, as a society, have forgotten and ignored how precious life can be...until some evil madman reminds us how fleeting life can be.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams. 
And a bonus Thomas  Sowell.

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