Monday, August 27, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong.

CNN poll show Americans are becoming more pro-life.

Taxpayers hit twice, first to fund hospitals, and then to pay for their mistakes.

HHS mandate is a threat to religious liberty.  

Hard hitting (on Obamacare/tax)  blog article by the Father of Health Savings Accounts.

Facts and myths on an Internet tax.

Why didn't they stay out of this race?  While every American is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we all know some guilty people get away with crimes, DC 37 reputation will take a hit for this and dilute future endorsements.

Seriously, didn't they think someone would verify the fact that they are registered republicans?

Food for thought from an economy professor.   Then take a look at this New York Times interactive map that shows how government benefits have increased over the last 40 years in the United States.    Obviously, we are in serious financial trouble and one thing is absolutely certain, we can not continue down the same road of self destruction. Changes must be made and this is certainly a benefit that must be reconsidered and hopefully eliminated.

The CATO Institute on corporate welfare.

Fred Dicker may be right, but the economy is the biggest reason for legislators to not vote themselves a pay raise after the November elections.

Have you see this:  Freedom's Candidate in New York. an article on our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long by Katherine Jean Lopez in the National Review on line edition.

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