Monday, August 20, 2012

Well,  all of the criticism of President Obama not talking the the White House Press Corps obviously hit a nerve, since he is talking to the WHPC today. Or maybe it was Newsweek's cover story.  Maybe it was just to get the press corps to pay attention to him and not VP Joe Biden. 

Then again, perhaps President Obama should let them cover VP Biden, he after all suffers from foot in mouth disease (obviously not the only one), while President Obama is more prone to stretch the truth or accept a "new normal" to mislead the voting public.  Or clearly lies to the voters.

Andrew Malcolm explains all that needs to be done is clear up this media bias business.

Jimmy Vielkind writes in the Albany Times Union:  Broke cities, What's next?  (The first of 3 parts.)

Wendy Long, our US Senate candidate, is happy that Sen. Gillibrand finally found Staten Island, but has a question for her.... while this article is a little dated, it shows how Mrs. Long is traveling around the state and being available to the press.

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