Thursday, August 2, 2012

Congressman Peter King is right to call for FBI Director Mueller to expand the investigation into National Security leaks.

The Heritage Foundation asks if Conservative can be an environmentalists,  need they ask, of course we can, we respect our environment unlike some who worship it and understand the need to work outweighs the need to protect certain biological species.

PJ Media has a good column on President Obama's "you didn't build it yourself" statement.

I wonder what President Obama thinks of this presidential job creation chart, how will his spin-misters explain it?

I'm not surprised that Mitt Romney pays while President Obama doesn't.

No surprise here either; actually I am surprised he voted for it since he normally voted present, but then again did he actually vote for it or just support it by being a co-sponsor in 2007?

Is this the smoking gun in the fast and furious debacle. 

Karl Rove analyzes President Obama's ads.

News from Wendy Long here,  here and in the Buffalo News.  If you cannot donate due to President Obama's economy or can't find the time to knock on doors, you can email a letter to your local paper, as this woman did, and help Wendy win.  Help get her name out there and get the grassroots involved.  Ask Ted Cruz if it works.   Email her press releases to your friends and family,  together we can elect Wendy Long.

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