Thursday, August 9, 2012

This AP headline is not good news for Americans nor the President.  And the Heritage Foundation gives us more glum news.  I wonder if the bad economic news is the reason why President Obama is complaining that the First Lady isn't getting paid. 

IRS overlooks fraud in some cases;  ours would be scrutinized.   More on this from the Washington Times.

Can't help but wonder how much fraud can be found in these numbers?  Just think, over 100 million now receiving federal welfare and these numbers do not include social security and medicare recipients.

The Drug is Government; the Pusher is President Obama.

If this CBO report was a Republican Congressional report, it would be slammed as a distortion by the main stream media.

Californians need a simple math class maybe then then they would prevent this from happening.

The advertisement that breaks all rules of civility, honesty and shows just how desperate the Obama Team is to stay in the White House.  

 Big Brother is alive and functioning well in New York City.

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