Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Heritage Foundation shows how President Obama is trying to grab unprecedented power for himself and future Presidents.  How times changes, he certainly did not hold this position in 2006.  It really is time to remind him he was elected President of America, and not Venezuela and his name is Barack Obama,not Hugo Chavez, albeit sometimes it is hard to distinguish the two.

Renowned economist, Thomas Sowell, expands his Fiscal Cliff Notes in another column today.

Conrad Black, writes in the New York Sun, how President Obama could yet emerge as a transformative President, yet what he would like President Obama to do, will not happen.  "If a Damascene bolt of lightning galvanizes the incumbent president and he, even after all the false starts, makes a comprehensive compromise proposal for entitlement reform — including a radical overhaul of Obamacare, stretching out entitlements to correspond to actuarial expectations and means-testing the payments, keeping income taxes down but closing down some of the free rides and raising sales and transaction taxes on non-essential spending, and tax-incentivizing work that adds value and does not just indulge society’s self-important disdain for work in primary and secondary industry — he will be acclaimed as the transformative president he seeks to be and his party will reap the benefit for years to come.  If you think this line of thinking could come form the man who wants to raise the debt limit by himself, I have a bridge to sell you.

A Detroit Councilwoman explains quid pro quo.

Rove is back with a new commercial to inform Americans (this used to be the job of journalists) of the tax-heavy proposals put forward by President Obama.

The O'Reilly Factor should read this, maybe then Bill O'Reilly will acknowledge what the world knew, there really were weapons of mass destruction. 

There is an alternative to Obamcare, read about it here.

This paper outlines the true cost of regulations.

If the new State Senate coalition gets its way, one of their goals is to raise the minimum wage.  This will hurt New York's economy and would "kill" 22 thousand jobs.

One of the other issues that the new coalition will be pushing hard for is "medical" marihuana.  We are opposed to this idea also.  Here is an audio clip of Sen. Savino who is the prime sponsor of the medial marihuana legislation and our position.  Both begin about midway in the clip.  

As the New York Post aptly puts it Here come the clowns.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

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